In 1996 Yael Frishman was invited to a friend’s home for the Shabbos meal. She decided to tell a recent story of the Rebbe shlit’a King Moshiach to everyone at the table. No sooner did she conclude the story when someone exclaimed that these stories are all “bobemeises” (fairy tales). Yael did not respond to this remark. Her feeling was that any comment she would make would actually be belittling the Rebbe.

After the meal, as Yael walked home with her children, her son-in-law commented that the only reason people speak so is because they haven’t learnt enough of what the Rebbe taught us. Therefore, they lack the proper faith. In order to cover that fact, they ridicule the person who believes. When they will learn more their faith will be strengthened and they will not laugh anymore.

Yael had been having some financial problems and decided to try her luck with a lottery ticket. On Friday afternoon she asked her son to buy her a ticket. As it was getting close to Shabbos, when he came home with the ticket Yael quickly took it and put it into a volume of Igros Kodesh which happened to be on the table.

When Shabbos was over her son-in-law noticed the lottery ticket in the Igrot Kodesh (book of Holy letters of the Rebbe). He assumed it was there to mark the page of an answer from the Rebbe. He opened it to read the letter on that page. After reading for several minutes he began to laugh. Yael did not tell him that she had put the ticket there randomly, as she wanted to hear what the Rebbe was in fact saying on that page. He began to read aloud: “The Rebbe acknowledges her letter of “Yom Shishi” (Friday), (when she put the ticket in)… it is praiseworthy for one to believe. Even if other’s laugh, do not go into any arguments over it. Since one only laughs and has doubts because of lack of knowledge. Once they will learn more they will have more faith and will not laugh!” The Rebbe concluded the letter by saying; “This what you write about your debts, you should be careful to give charity before the morning and afternoon prayers and say the Tehillim (psalms) for the day”.

Yael now realized just how much the Rebbe looks out for us! Had she looked in the Igros when she put the ticket in, she would have seen the answer to what transpired later during that Shabbos, as well as the solution to her financial situation!