Mrs. X. (who wishes to remain anonymous) was going through a very trying time; Her husband was not earning enough to support their family. He was very unhappy with his job and wanted to quit. Though Mrs. X. always wanted a large family and therefore was happy to be expecting another child, she had misgivings due to problems in her marriage.

When she first realized that she was pregnant, she immediately wrote to the Rebbe to inform him of the good news, as well as to ask for his blessings for an easy pregnancy and birth. She put her letter into a volume of the Igros, hoping to see a positive answer. To her dismay she did not receive any answer. She was rather upset, as under her present circumstances it would have meant allot to her to have the comfort of a blessing from the Rebbe.

It was during Chol Hamoed Pesach 1997 (the intermediate days of Pesach), when Mrs. X. had a big argument with her husband over a difference in their approach to a certain religious custom. Mr. X. had a more liberal view of things than his wife. In the heat of the argument he grabbed an Igros which happened to be nearby, (not realizing what he had grabbed) and randomly tore a page from it. His wife immediately removed the Igros from his hands, when she realized what he was tearing, but a page had already been torn out.

A while later, after they had settled their differences and things calmed down, they decided to see what the Rebbe was saying on this page that was torn out. They were both totally overwhelmed at what they read!; On page 373 (in Volume 18) of the Igros Kodesh, the Rebbe addressed the problem of how to deal with certain issues in a marriage, explaining that sometimes it is better to get a third objective person involved, as that can be more acceptable to the spouse. The Rebbe went on to suggest how to work out problems related to his job, so that he can go on working there without all the hardships he was experiencing until now.

In the last paragraph of the letter, the Rebbe answered Mrs. X.’s request of weeks before, by giving her a blessing for an easy pregnancy with the birth of a healthy child, in the right time.

Mr. and Mrs. X. were both so overcome at seeing how the Rebbe is there for them through “thick and thin”, that it has made a lasting impression in their entire attitudes.

When Mrs. X.’s doctor showed concern about her pregnancy, Mrs. X. – while following the doctor’s advice – is totally confident that all is well and will turn out well , as the Rebbe promised in his (unasked) blessing.