One Chasid that had to leave his place of residence, he was not a man of prayer, nor a learned man, who did not have a beard and so forth. The man never learned in a Yeshiva not at Chabad or any where else.

He migrated to a far away land, far in place and far from Judaism, and after a while there began to arrive from men and women from that land letters to the holy Rebbe.

For example – a woman that had a business was offered to rent a store in different parts of the city, and asked the holly Rebbe what to do. She never met him or saw him, and knows that the holly Rebbe has never bean to her city or to her country, and she is not a Lubavicher follower and never was. But when she heard from the Chasid words that came from the heart: There is a Rebbe in Israel, and he is not bound by the laws of nature, and one who wishes to go by the safest root, in his business or his home and so forth, will not raise a finger without consulting the Rebbe, and she acknowledges that the words of the Chasid are sincere and his heart is pure, and she recognized that he speaks the truth, then she wrote the letter to the Rebbe. She now belongs to those who draw nearer to Judaism, and probably in the near future she will maintain her household according to the laws of kosher food and purity of family life, in accordance with the Jewish ruling.

All this from the work of a simple Chasid, that did not do this with devotion of his soul or from pure belief, but rather something that is completely logical and rational to him. You can arrive at this yourself the same way he did, simply by seeing in reality that all the Rebbe’s words are true and his blessings holy. This he receives in the simplest of his soul, not out of thinking or understanding, or the reading of books, but out of his experience or of other that he knows, that when one listens to the Rebbe then all goes well, and when one doesn’t listen then…, and in the same way that he is not ashamed to tell all those who need it, the address of a good doctor, in the same way when he sees someone who is in bafflement or in need of a solution to a critical life problem, then he sees to him: “Israel is not alone, you have someone to ask”.

And moreover he dose not wait until that person will come to him and inquire if the Rebbe exists, because most likely he dose not know what is a Rebbe. Instead he goes to him and explains that he should not count on his own understanding or those of all sorts of go-betweens, that may or may not give him good advice, when there is a sure way of solving all his doubts, as the Sages said: “Things that come from the heart enter the heart”.

Igrot Kodesh vol. 3, pp. 54-55