What will life be like in 100 years? This question used to be the exclusive domain of science fiction, but recently some bona fide physicists have taken up the gauntlet as well. Based on past experience as well as a growing array of scientific tools, these researchers are attempting to lift the curtain and reveal what the future holds for us in 100 years.

In the book “Physics of the Future,” physicist Michio Kako predicts that in 100 years, computers will have intelligence on par with humans. We will be able to surf the internet using our eyes alone, with special contact lenses. Tiny robots will travel through our blood stream, scanning for developing tumors and zapping them before they can do any harm. A global economy will allow the entire world to function as one unified market. We will all speak one language (in Kako’s opinion, either Chinese or English), and the free exchange of ideas between people of all nations will create a unified global culture without borders, without war.

A bold vision, no doubt, the product of an uncommonly broad imagination. However, we are witness to the fact that from year to year, globalization advances in its breadth and scope. The vision of Kako and many other scientists is not science fiction; it is reality.

Today one does not need to be a prophet to see with one’s own eyes the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Redemption; prophecies which only decades ago seemed to be nothing more than mystical legends. There is only one thing that the learned intellectuals do not understand, although they can predict quite well where the trend is heading.

It is clear that there is a power that is leading these advancements, that is gradually leading the world to a state of unity, justice, peace and righteousness. We see the results of this process in every area of medicine, technology, politics and business.

It is our great fortune to be alive during the time when the meaning and purpose of all of creation will finally be revealed. We will see where this train is headed; the reason for the unprecedented expansion of human endeavor and well being. We are being given these gifts to utilize them in a way that will enhance kindness and unity across the globe, to transform the world into a place where G-d will feel at home. Then He will join us in a revealed way and descend to this world, to dwell in our midst forevermore.