On the last day of Passover, a few ideas came to mind which I will try to summarize below.

They, of course, have to do with the coronavirus pandemic which has seriously impacted people’s lives all over the planet. The impetus was the talk of the Rebbe (“Likutei Sichot“, volume 22) which explains that on the last day of Passover, we intentionally dip matzah in liquids as this day is associated with the revelation of Moshiach. In this talk, the Rebbe explains that despite Alter Rebbe’s instructions in the Shulchan Arukh to be extremely strict in regards to getting matzah wet on the first seven days of the holiday, on the last day of Passover, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe would deliberately dip matzah in all kinds of food although the Alter Rebbe does write — “In any case, on the last day of the holiday, if someone makes it easier (in reference to dipping matzah) due to the of joy of the holiday, then he does not lose anything.”

The idea, as I understood it, is that due to the spiritual aspect (the revelation of Moshiach on that day), a change in the law takes place (the disappearance of the fear to violate the Torah’s ban disappears). In other words, the revelation of Moshiach has an effect on the law…

Additionally, I have slightly reviewed the attitude of most Chabad Hasidim to the words of the Rebbe regarding the approach of the Redemption (see “Dvar Malchut”, chapter “Chayah Sarah”). When the Rebbe announced that all the work had been finished and the only thing remaining was to greet Moshiach, everything should have been dropped and efforts focused on that one task only. Most chassidim, however felt that this was something additional (and many did not pay any attention to it at all). Only the most courageous and ardent Chasidim dared to spread the message of the Redemption and of the personality of Moshiach.

Today we see that the Rebbe put us in such a situation (yes, I am convinced that everything that has been happening, has been under the supervision and approval of the Rebbe!) when we are physically unable to engage in the Ten Campaigns. Meaning, we are unable to put tefillin on Jews, we don’t have the ability to check mezuzahs in people’s homes, etc. But we (all of us, even those in quarantine) are quite able to convince people (virtually) that the Lubavitcher Rebbe is King Moshiach and connect people with him through the Igrot Kodesh website.

It is perfectly obvious that a qualitatively new stage has arrived in the upcoming Redemtion. We are seeing today how everyone is becoming equal to everyone else.

On the one hand, negative qualities are disappearing in relation to other people, i.e. envy, enmity, rivalry. Even though this is due to external circumstances, nevertheless it is a fact.

On the other hand, today everyone has the opportunity to influence not only their surroundings, but anyone anywhere using the latest technologies (Zoom, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram…).

It has also occurred to me that we should not panic because so many years have passed and the Redemption has yet to come. The reason is that today, unlike the Exodus from Egypt, everything is happening slowly. The Redemption is a gradual process and now, seemingly, a new stage has begun.

As to the ban on men using the mikvah, it seems possible that purity and holiness in the world have increased to such an extent that this is no longer required. Again, here we see another example of an equalization of all Jews.

There is one more curious thing. How are we to understand the fact that, according to the instructions of the Rabbis, not only all synagogues are closed, but the most important of them all, “770” is also closed?

I believe that there has been a transition of sanctity from synagogues to homes. The fact is that the synagogues will be transported to Jerusalem and become part of the Temple.

Something similar was expressed by the Rebbe in regards to our homes, which should also be filled with holiness. Perhaps until now, we have lacked in that aspect, so our prayers are now held at home (or in the courtyard, if allowed by the rabbis and the Ministry of Health), to finally level the playing field for everyone by an increase in Jewish homes to ensure their transition to Jerusalem.

To summarize, I want to say that we have an opportunity and a responsibility to do the following things:

1. To tell everyone that the Lubavitcher Rebbe is Moshiach.

2. To tell everyone that he or she can (and should) write the Rebbe , either to ask a question or ask for a blessing, etc. using the Igrot Kodesh website.

All of the above are my reflections on the situation in the world. Since several reputable people have read and agreed with these ideas, I suggest you distribute this information as much as possible. Waiting for comments and suggestions.