Torah sources emphasize that establishing and deepening our faith in the Redemption actually hastens its revelation. This is also true with the acceptance of Moshiach and the strengthening of our faith in him.

According to Torah, “There is no king without a nation.’ Throughout Jewish history, the declaration, “Yechi HaMelech” (“Long Live the King”), has always expressed the acceptance of the king by the nation. The Rebbe says that these words crown the king and and bring life to and actually hasten the revelation of King Moshiach.

In the times of King David the Torah says that an announcement was proclaimed to him, “Long Live King David Forever!” revealing David as King. The Rebbe explains that Moshiach completes the reign of King David, and when this announcement is made to King Moshiach, it reveals his existence. Then he can redeem us in a way that can be witnessed by everyone. This is why Chassidim proclaim, “Long Live Our Master, Our Teacher, Our Rebbe, King Moshiach Forever and Ever!”