We find ourselves in a special time when the Rebbe has announced, “The time of your Redemption has arrived!” Now that it is established that the Rebbe is our Righteous King Moshiach, all that is left for us to do is to greet him. When awaiting a special guest, we prepare and adorn ourselves and our surroundings. This is especially so with Moshiach — we want to be ideally clothed. Not just our bodies, but also our souls. The Torah and its commandments are clothing for the soul.

The Rebbe King Moshiach says that our part is to increase in goodness and kindness.” Every good thought, every kind deed and every commandment that we observe and perform more beautifully than before helps prepare us to receive Moshiach. As it says in the Gemara in Bava Basra, “Great is charity that hastens the Redemption.” Charity can be given spiritually as well as physically.

The Rebbe states that our physical world has been purified and is standing ready to receive the light of Moshiach and the true and complete Redemption. The only thing that is missing is for a Jew to open his eyes and to see that everything is ready. Because we are naturally limited in our understanding and grasp of spiritual matters, this is why the Rebbe instructs us to learn the concepts dealing with Redemption in the revealed Torah and hidden Torah (Chassidus), and especially the Torah of Moshiach—found in the books and sichos (talks) of the Rebbe.

The very effort of learning the Torah of Moshiach and following his instructions elevates us beyond our limitations. It opens our hearts, eyes and ears so that we will understand, see and feel with clarity the true and complete Redemption in this physical world, and through this elevation, experience our own personal Redemption.

The more we learn about Redemption the more we are enabled to open our eyes and see it in actuality. All of this should be done in the spirit of faith and joy. The very belief in the Rebbe’s prophecy brings true joy, as the Rebbe says: “Joy breaks all boundaries.”

May we immediately experience complete joy when we will all come together with the Rebbe in Jerusalem and together declare, “Long Live Our Master, Our Teacher, Our Rebbe, King Moshiach Forever and Ever!”